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 Neo*'s ( Shaya's ) Suggestion Thread

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Chaos Warrior
Chaos Warrior

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PostSubject: Neo*'s ( Shaya's ) Suggestion Thread   25.07.12 9:22

  • Fix Roc Mt.
  • Fix Elixir-stacking
  • Add Silk Transports to Stable-NPC
  • Let the NPC sell EQ, Weapons & Accessory SOS+3 Int/Str 3 instead of clean NPC EQ for better grinding
  • Add Honor Weapons 9D CHN & EU if possible and sell them for Arena Coins ( obtainable through BA, & FGW )
  • Fix FGW & sell Dimension Holes @ NPC
  • Remove Dimension Pillars
  • Add a System for exchanging JobEXP for GoldCoins
  • Sell 9D Moon EQ & Accessory for GoldCoins
  • Alchemy Rate x1,2 is better than 1,5 because with adv easy +13/+14
  • Sell some Avatars & Silkitems for Gold if possible to make use of Gold from jobbing
  • Add more farming Spots for 90 for example modified Job Cave with 90 Mobs

I know that most of these things need much work but it would make the server more Unique & more active because you dont get everything with botting.
And you have to be active to become good like jobbing for EQ & Accessory, FGW & BA for Weapons and so on
Also dont sell Elements or Stones in NPC, we should farm tabs & materials to make elements which makes a FB 100% with good Whites Set more special.

Thats all for now if I find more bugs or have suggestions I post them here

best regards,
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Chaos Road Owners
Chaos Road Owners

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PostSubject: Re: Neo*'s ( Shaya's ) Suggestion Thread   25.07.12 21:05

Thank you for your suggestion We will take a look inside them deepley

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Neo*'s ( Shaya's ) Suggestion Thread
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