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 Hello from badbang

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Chaos Warrior
Chaos Warrior

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PostSubject: Hello from badbang   22.07.12 19:36

Hello everyone!

My name is Valters and i am from Latvia. In isro my max level was 42 xbow. I left isro because i hate there is all about money, but i realy hate spend money for ingame money or other... I liked old times when was only chinese race and whit noobiest hybryid bow/sword/glaive/fire/ice/light/force build with my friends we were grinding all the day... that was fun time ^^
My biggest hobby is bmx riding, i ride already 2years i think so ;D

So yea...Nice to meet you guys Razz

P.s. Sorry for my not so good english language, that`s why i writed about myself so "much"... And ofcourse good luck with this project ;]

P.s.s. And btw i have one IMPORTANT question.... Is the server will stay 90lvl? ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Hello from badbang   22.07.12 20:12

I think it will stay at lv90

It's one of the best caps

It's really good balanced and you can still kill uniques as a Chinese.
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Hello from badbang
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